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Employee Theft

 The FBI reports that employee theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. 

 The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of all employees steal at least once, and that half of these steal repeatedly. The Chamber also reports that one of every three business failures is the direct result of employee theft. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, employee dishonesty costs American business in excess of $50 billion annually.

  • Businesses lose 20% of every dollar to employee theft.
  • The average time it takes for an employer to catch a fraud scheme is 18 months.
  • 55% of perpetrators are managers.
  • 30% of businesses will fail due to employee theft.

Home Intrusions

  • 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed.
  • 1 out of 3 residential assaults are a result of a burglary.
  • About 30 percent of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door.
  • Nearly 66 percent of all burglaries are residential (home) break-ins.
  • Renters are just as likely to be the victims of property crime as homeowners.
  • Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.
  • 85% of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous.

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What We Offer

Vision One Technologies offers full service installations for all your home and business security needs.

  • Camera Management Systems
  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Video Verification
  • Home Automation
  • Access Control
  • Video / Audio Intercom
  • Data
  • Home Theater
  • Commercial Audio / PA Systems

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Mission Statement:

 Our mission is to earn trust in the Vision One Technologies  name through integrity and personal relationships with our customers, providing them with innovative, high-value solutions that make it easy to safeguard the things that matter most. 

Vision One Technologies

Camera Management System

  V.I.T.(Vision One Technologies) brings high-value, total security solutions to your business by focusing on integrity and personal relationships to enhance the customer experience. The company’s products are based on an open platform that enhances flexibility and system integration, while demonstrating the company’s commitment to video data security. V.I.T.'s core video surveillance product line—network cameras, NVRs, and HD analog—can be applied in many markets, including banking, retail, manufacturing, hotels/leisure, venues/stadiums, municipalities, and transportation. 

  V.I.T. maintains a strong commitment to building long-term relationships with its customers by introducing groundbreaking products, maintaining rapid response times, and providing unparalleled resources. 

   Let V.I.T. show you how we can save you time and money. Contact us today for a free Security Management System!

Vision One Technologies

Home Automation

 Consumers want more from their security system. They want the ability to automate their homes, keeping them apprised of goings-on at the home when they’re away, such as garage and door access, movement within the home, or keeping track of the daily activities of their families—including adults, kids, and pets. They also like the ability to see into their home using cameras, and being able to check and control lighting, heating and air conditioning use, and energy consumption at any time from anywhere. Home automation and control systems are growing astronomically as the technology becomes more affordable, which makes taking care of the home and loved ones less of a burden, allowing people to do more and enjoy their lives more richly. 

  Alarm.com is the leader in Smart Home Security, giving you solutions to monitor, protect and automate your home.

  More than a smart app or a cool thermostat, Alarm.com seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform — so they work together and work smarter.

  Each system is easily customized to your home’s unique configuration and your needs. Contact us for for a free Home Security Automation Quote. 




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Access Control

 We are a team of security integrators with decades of hands-on in the field experience. We believe that the best technology is created by professionals that have experienced firsthand what it’s like to be in the field installing a system or programming software. We know what it takes to secure a facility properly and provide the end user with a solution that instills confidence and safety. At Vision One Technologies we are passionate about creating technology to enhance the security, safety and overall experience of both the professionals that are installing electronic access control and those that live with and use the system each day. We have thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors throughout North America.  We continue to create technology every day to enhance our products and the products of our technology partners. 

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